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lickmyfrosting's Journal

lick my frosting.
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lickmyfrosting is an icon community, created by justlikeneon.

this community is members only with moderated admission. this is mainly to ensure that the people using my icons will give me proper credit.

give credit where credit is due. i do put some effort into the icons that i make, so be a good person and let others know where you got your super sweet icons. don't know how to credit? click here.

comments are appreciated. while they're not absolutely mandated, i'd prefer comments if you're using my icons. i like to see which icons are popular, and how they're being credited.

save them. don't eat up my photobucket's bandwidth.

let them be. please don't use my icons as bases. i will periodically take text requests, but please do not alter them yourselves.

all graphics © justlikeneon unless otherwise noted.